About Jolly Hound

Jolly Hound is run by me, Chaan - the designer and maker of the Jolly Hound pet products.

I started my professional design journey at University, creating womenswear clothing and knitwear. After obtaining my BA in Fashion, I changed paths in 2012 when I got my first dog - Denzel, a French Bulldog, a breed that I'd adored ever since seeing one in a pet shop window in Spain over 10 years ago. 

A few years later (and  3 more Frenchies!) I decided to combine my two passions - my dogs and designing to develop the brand Jolly Hound, which highlights my love for handmade dog accessories and hand dyeing . It mixes my skills in design, pattern cutting and textiles along with a desire to ensure my dogs are always looking fabulous!

I make almost everything in the shop myself, from the splicing the rope, hand dyeing it, to painting the toy boxes. I also make the BioThane/vegan leather collars and leads.

Our new harnesses are designed by myself, specifically to co-ordinate with the rope leads. The manufacturing of these has been outsourced - simply because I haven't got enough time or that many hands to make them aswell!